Bike Owner Track Time

Want to bring your SuperMoto or Grom to practice at BMP? You can!


Bike Owner Hours

Monday-Thursday: 10am-4pm (**RSVP Only – RSVP HERE)

Friday-Saturday-Sunday: 8am-12pm

**Please let us know if you plan on attending on a Monday-Thursday. This allows us to keep our prices low and prevents us from scheduling track maintenance during times when owners are using the track.

“Owner Track Time” at BMP is for people who OWN their own equipment (SuperMoto, Grom, Kart…etc). We have daily track time dedicated to owners to come out and practice on our track.

Owner Track Time Prices

Track Time – $30

Pit Pass – $15 (all who enter pits must buy pit pass, including drivers)

Transponder Rental – $10 (optional)

Please adhere to the following bike requirements, for your safety and for the safety and longevity of our track.