Bushnell Motorsports Park High-Speed Go Kart Rentals

The Bushnell Motorsports Park rental karts allow you, family and friends to race wheel-to-wheel against each other in our high-speed rental karts. We use the full track for our rental karts – you’ll go over the bridge, through the underpass and across the banked turn. Our karts will reach speeds of up to 40-45mph.

No Reservations Required!

High-Speed Go Kart Racing available for anyone 16+ with a drivers license or 18+ without a drivers license.

High Speed Rental Kart Prices

1 Race (10 minutes) = $28 + tax

3 Races (3 x 10 minutes) = $69 + tax

5 Races (5 x 10 minutes) = $100 + tax

Unlimited Karting for the Day = $180 + tax

Races are per person and are not transferrable. Races can be banked – they do not need to be used the same day.

Headsock: A headsock can be purchased for $4. A headsock is required if using our public helmets. You are welcome to bring your own helmet (must be a full-faced helmet with a visor) or a past head sock!

For Groups: We offer a 10-Pack (10×10 minutes) for $220 that is shareable and can be split amongst racers. It must be used the same day purchased.

High Speed Rental Kart Hours

Click on the link below to view our rental kart hours! Before you make the trip, double check our hours because they do change often.

Check Hours Here

Pro Tip: First time racing at BMP? Speed up the registration process by setting up your racing profile before you arrive. Set up your racer profile here.

Rental Kart Requirements

All high speed rental kart racers must:

-Wear closed-toed shoes

-Wear a full-faced helmet, or a motorcycle helmet with goggles.

Age requirements:

To drive the high-speed rental karts, you MUST BE 16 years of age with a valid drivers license (Permits/Learners License do not qualify) OR 18 years of age or over without a drivers license.

Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have a PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN waiver signed prior to racing. No Exceptions!

If you are under 18, you must have a parent/guardian sign a waiver on your behalf and present drivers license when you register. If your guardian will not be present during your race, you can download the minor waiver and have your guardian fill out prior to racing at BMP. Please print it, fill it out, and bring it in to BMP when you race.

If you do not qualify for the high-speed rental go karts, you might qualify for our junior karts, available for racers 10+.


If you own your own helmet, it must meet this criteria.


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