Bushnell Motorsports Park Facility

Looking for a unique place to race? Look no further. Whether you own your own kart/bike and want a place to play or if you are looking for some intense high-speed fun with your friends on our rental karts, Bushnell Motorsports Park is the place for you.


Track Location:

Bushnell Motorsports Park is located on Exit 314 off I-75 in Bushnell, FL. Head west about 1/2 a mile once you get off I-75, and Bushnell Motorsports Park will be on your right.

From Tampa, we are about 40 minutes north. From Ocala, we are about 40 minutes south. From Orlando, we are about 40 minutes west.

The Track:

Bushnell Motorsports Park features a 2/3 mile asphalt race track that is used for our high-speed rental karts, competitive kart racing, competitive SuperMoto / Grom racing, privateer owner practice time, as well as arrive-and-drive kart racing leagues, kart racing schools, Endurance Racing, corporate events, private events, private lessons and more.

The track contains a bridge and an underpass, 17 turns (one of which is banked), making it the only competition kart track in the nation with these features.

You will find nothing like it in the nation. With several layout options, an oval, a bridge and underpass and a banked turn in the back, this unique track will allow you to race in a way never-before experienced.

The Facility:

The main building on-site is a 9,600 sqft space for rental karts. We have our main office, rental kart registration, a waiting area, the viewing screens for the live timing, a meeting room for corporate events, private events, driver schools or catering and the covered grid for the rental karts.

The pit area of the facility has a 2-story scoring tower that has registration as well as bathrooms / shower for public use. We have the pit area for people’s trailers and tents, as well as rentable garage space for people who would like to keep their equipment on-site. The pit area / competition side of the facility has its own pit on and pit off and a scoring line also.

Bushnell Motorsports Park Staff –

Our staff is trained to be professional, friendly and helpful, all while keeping the racers safe. Our staff will do their best to provide a fun, informative and safe experience for all of our patrons.

Bushnell Motorsports Park Rental Karts –

We wanted the general public to be able to race on REAL racing karts. They will reach speeds of 40-45 mph with their 9.5 hp Honda Engines. These are NOT electric karts. You can hear the engine rumble. We do NOT “slow you down electronically” as other tracks do.

Bushnell Motorsports Park Experience –

We have 6,400 square feet of air conditioned space for spectators to watch the races from. This includes our waiting area (with screens to show the current races lap times, and windows to view the racing), as well as a meeting room for any sort of private event, corporate meeting, driver school or catered event. We also have a covered grid, plenty of viewing space outside to watch the racing, as well as a Pit Area for competition races finished with restrooms, a shower, registration building, a flag stand, rentable garages and more.