Kart Owners at BMP

Own a go-kart? We have time allotted 7 days a week for you to bring your kart out to practice and play on the track. We also host our local series on the 4th Saturday of each month – come out and race with us!

Kart Requirements



Monday & Tuesday: 10am-3pm (**RSVP Only – RSVP HERE)

Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-4pm

Friday-Saturday-Sunday: 8am-12pm

**Please let us know if you plan on attending on a Monday-Thursday. This allows us to keep our prices low and prevents us from scheduling track maintenance during times when owners are using the track.


Track Time – $36.40 + tax

Pit Pass – $15 + tax (all who enter pits must purchase pit pass, including drivers)

Transponder Rental – $10 + tax (optional)

To practice at BMP:

All racers must have helmet, gloves, race suit or equivalent, and children must have an approved chest protector.

The kart needs to be maintained and prepped for track use.

All karts must have: all the appropriate bodywork, like a rear bumper that covers and extends to cover the rear tires. 

Engines are REQUIRED to have a muffler on the engine. No open pipes.

Racing style karts only. 

Need a place to store your kart or trailer?! 

Leave your kart and kart stand: $125/monthly or $1250 yearly (2 months FREE)

Kart is stored inside BMP main office. Leave a kart on a stand and anything that fits on the kart can stay! Regular practice fee required.

Leave your Trailer on site: $50/monthly or $500 yearly (2 months FREE)

Your trailer is stored inside the gates of BMP. Regular practice fee required. Price per vehicle/trailer on property.

Rent a Garage: $225/monthly or $2250 yearly (2 months FREE)

Enough space to leave 2-3 karts and all your things. Regular practice fee required