June 19 & 20 Fathers Day 1-Hour Race

We are excited for our 6th Annual Fathers Day 1-Hour Race!  June 19th and 20th, 2021
The perfect Fathers Day gift!! Bring your Father out and race with him during this 1-hour teamed race. Pit stops and driver changes all play into the strategy of this action-packed event! Winning Dad gets a Dad Trophy and a Grill Set Gift Basket.
  • Up to 4 people per team (fathers + children or family members recommended).
  • 30-Minute Practice/Qualifying Session
  • 1-Hour Relay Race. Minimum of 3 pit stops required.
  • Entry includes helmet, head-sock and rental kart prepared by BMP (Entry = $125+tax per team)
Limited spots available, pre registration required!
Fathers Day

Race Schedule:

This year we will have a race on Saturday and 2 races on Sunday. Choose which one fits your schedule best!

Saturday 9 AM Race Schedule:

8:30am – Doors Open / Sign-In is Open

9:00am – Drivers Meeting

9:30am – 30-minute practice/qualifying session

10:00am – Green Flag

11:00am – Checkered Flag

11:15am – Awards


Sunday 11 AM Race Schedule:

10:30am – Doors Open / Sign-In is Open

11:00am – Drivers Meeting

11:30am – 30-minute practice/qualifying session

12:00pm – Green Flag

1:00pm – Checkered Flag

1:15pm – Awards

Sunday 5 PM Race Schedule:

4:30pm – Sign-In is Open

5:00pm – Drivers Meeting

5:30pm – 30-minute practice/qualifying session

6:00pm – Green Flag

7:00pm – Checkered Flag

7:15pm – Awards

Limited Spots Available. Pre-Registration required. Don’t miss out!