2020 BMP Moto Series


Race Day Schedule 

Race Day Schedule
7:30 am: Gates Open
9:15 am: 1st Round of Practice (10 minute sessions, switch between dirt and asphalt classes) 
10:15 am: 2nd Round Practice/Qualifying (8 minute session) 
11:30 am: Riders Meeting
11:45 am: 5-Lap Heat Race
1:00 pm 8-Lap Feature Race
*all times are approximate and are subject to change 
Moto layouts

 Entry Fees

1 Class pre-registration entry – $50 (pre register via our online store up to the Wednesday before the event)
2 Classes pre-registration entry– $75
Unlimited Classes pre-registration entry– $85
Add $10 to registration at the track.
Pit Pass – $15 **CASH ONLY**
Transponder Rental – FREE 


SM1,  SM2, and SM Asphalt will follow standard rules. 
Super Mini, 50 Spec, GP Pro, F1, F2,
Stock100/125, Banana Bike classes will follow SFL MiniGP Rules.
All bikes must meet all BMP safety requirements to protect the racing surface and the rider. Full race gear is required (leathers).

2019 Moto Series Points

SM Aspahlt
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1Jose Henao45450470137
2Henry Alvetez0500500100
3Simao Neto470044091
4Julian Virviescas005040090
5Felix Diego044045089
6Robert Bergollo043041084
7Michael Henao50000050
8Jorge Duhart04700047
9Andres Dorado44000044
10Jorge Diego00043043
11Steven Martinez04200042
12Juan Alizo00042042
13TJ Leahy04100041
14Giriong Riol00039039
15Deego Teodoro00038038
16Carlos Rivera00037037
Points Fund$20$35$5$55$0$115
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1David Hugh050504745192
2Alex Moorhead047475047191
3Christian Gates045444544178
4John Paul Criag043004386
5Avery Dreher5050
6Eric Powers00450045
7Stan Miller04400044
8Thomas Ceparano00430043
9Damien Montgomery00004242
10Andrew Engelman00004141
Points Fund$-$25$25$15$35$100
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1Yandel Medina47505000147
2Julian Correa50000050
3Eric Powers00470047
4Matt Mendez45000045
5Greg Fiore00450045
6David Hugh44000044
7Thomas Ceparano00440044
8Avery Dreher43000043
Points Fund$25$5$20$0$0$50
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1Yandel Madina45505000145
2Michael Henao50000050
3Curtis Woodworth00005050
4Avery Dreher47000047
5Julian Correa44000044
6Rodrigo Correa43000043
Points Fund$25$5$5$0$5$40
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1Lennon Gates047505045192
2Grayson Correa50000050
3Leonidas Guimaraes05000050
4Ella Dreher00005050
5Carter Dreher00004747
6Cooper Glover04500045
7Elise Guimaraes04400044
Points Fund$5$20$5$5$15$50
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1Peter Mayward4545504550235
2Jose Henao50470470144
3Henry Alvatez044050094
4Jorge Duhart05000050
5Michael Heno47000047
6Julian Virviescas00470047
7Giriong Riol00044044
Points Fund$10$20$10$20$5$65
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1Andres Dorado50000050
2Steven Martinez05000050
3Issac Woodworth00005050
4Cesar Braga47000047
5David Hugh04700047
6Curtis Woodworth00004747
Points Fund$10$10$-$-$10$30
Stock 100/125
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1TJ Leahy4550505047242
2Zachary Evans4245474745226
3Kyle Tarr4347454544224
4Matt Dexter4042434442211
5Stan Miller41444200127
6Avery Dreher5000050100
7Julian Correa47000047
8Matt Mendez44000044
9Brad Chesney440044
10Rick Glover04300043
11Scott Watson00004343
12Josh Sheldon04100041
13Issac Woodward00004141
14Kat Leahy39000039
Points Fund$45$35$30$20$35$165
Banana Bike
PosNameNo ClassJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1Alex Moorhead050505050200
2TJ Leahy045474744183
3Zach Evans044454542176
4Matt Dexter042434339167
5Kyle Tarr00444441129
6Ryan Fagan047004390
7John Paul Criag043004083
8David Hugh00004747
9Josh Sheldon04100041
10Andrew Englemann00003838
Points Fund$-$35$25$25$45$130
GP Pro
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1Leonidas Guimaraes05000050
Points Fund$-$5$-$-0$5
PosNameApril 7thJune 1stJuly 21stOct 6thDec 7thTotal
1Ella Dreher00005050
2Issac Woodworth00004747
3Carter Dreher00004545
Points Fund$-$-$-$-$15$15