2022 Championship kart Series

The Bushnell Motorsports Park Championship Kart Series is your home to the largest 206 Classes in the state of Florida.

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Class Structure 

In 2022 we’ve heard you and we’re going to add the 206 Masters Class for those 35+. Weight for this class will be 390lbs


Spec Fuel 

We will be selling spec 90 gas at the track this year for $6 a gallon. All fuel will be purchased from BMP. You can pay for it when you pre-register or you can purchase it at the track. You can pick up your gas right next to the BMP Track Shack.



2 Cycle classes will follow AKRA Engine and Tire Rules
4 Cycle classes will follow CKNA Engine Rules
Must race 6 of 8 races to be eligible for year end awards.
2 tires outside the starting lines = 3 sec penalty added after the race
4 tires outsidethe starting lines = 10 sec penalty added after the race




Entry Fees

Pre registration Entry – $60 (pre register via our online store up to the Wednesday before the event)
At Track Registration – $70
2nd Class Entry – $40
Pit Pass – $15 (Cash Only)
Transponder Rental – $15 (Limited Quantities*) Low Prices provided
by TS Racing
Parking – FREE! Reserved spots available but not required.
*If you own your own transponder, please use yours. We only have limited quantities to provide the race.

Championship Kart Series

Race Day Schedule 

Day Races –
Gates Open 7:30 am
Drivers Meeting 9:00 am
1st Round of Group Practice (10 minute session) 10:00 am
2nd Round Practice/Qualifying (5 minute session)
Heat Race (Laps depend on layout)
Feature Race (Laps depend on layout)
*all times and lap counts are approximate and are subject to change 
Night Race – August 27th (SEE ABOVE FLYER)
Gates Open 11:00 am
Practice (10 minute session) 1:00 pm
Drivers Meeting 2:30 pm
Qualifying (5 minute session) 2:45 pm
Heat Race (Laps depend on layout) 3:50 pm
Feature Race (Laps depend on layout) 5:50 pm
Money Races 8:30 pm
*all times and lap counts are approximate and are subject to change 
Race day Class Schedule

All of our kart series races will follow these class schedules to help better plan what classes you’d like to run.

~Kid Kart

~206 Legends


~206 Heavy

~206 Light

~206 Junior

~206 Sportsman

~206 Medium

~206 Masters

Don’t Own your own Kart?

Are you looking to go a little faster? Are you looking to get into a more competitive environment? Look no further! BMP has karts to rent for our Championship Kart Series races. You get a 2 practices at least a week before the race, and 1 full race day for $495+tax (1 practice, 1 qualifying, heat race, and final).All you do is bring your talent and we provide the rest! Spots are limited so book yours today!

IMB_2Yk0SZ 2

Reserved Parking

We’ve opened up some additional reserved parking spots this year. Parking is still free, but the reserved spots will be $15 per space, per race. (Please note: There will be no parking in front of the BMP Track Shack due to high traffic area.)

BMP Parking2022
cks layouts2022


Kid Karts – 2 Cycle
Season: 2022
161Keegan Chance20050x505050
291Grayson Powers18544x474747
314Jase Macklin17543x444345
47Camden Powers17238x454544
533Brian Bany1394550x44x
610Ian Hamacher1293947430x
718Koa Sites12237x42x43
811Jacob Faust4747xxxx
z29Guillermo Gorman4242xxxx
1024Neil Gorman4141xxxx
1117Harper Gage4040xxxx
206 Legends
1176Scott Bruce2394550445050
262Bill Cobb2365047474745
352Mark Abitabilo2214344424547
428Jeffery Revis2174445434441
5155Pete Laches165x38414244
68Sean Halfacre135474345xx
7199Greg Schmidt125x39x4343
827Titus Scott12441xx4142
91Donnie McGovern124424240xx
105Phil Pignataro50xx50xx
1133Jack Miller41x41xxx
1254Dwayne Macks40x40xxx
139Rich Votava4040xxxx
1423Kevin Funke3939xxxx
154John Porter3838xxxx
206 Sportsman
Season: 2022
125Sawyer Richards2405050434750
217Carson Neel191x47475047
3419Noah Faust17747x454342
421William Tipton133xx444544
5418Jacob Faust127xx424441
612Thiago Fernandes123xx414240
714Jase Helms874344xxx
8410Carter Barkis50xx50xx
924Drake Hagin45xxxx45
1010Josiah Quatman45x45xxx
1110Josiah Quantman4545xxxx
12442RJ Hendrick4444xxxx
1310XHunter Quatman43x43xxx
1410Ian Hamacher43xxxx43
154Cody Klys4242xxxx
206 Light
Season: 2022
1314Holden Bruce2214547354747
2490Brian Reilly2205044314550
35Larry Sampson2174443454342
422Junior Downs2164350474135
572Trent Bos1913338364044
6407Fletcher Quarles1883831433640
79RRachael Reilly1864132373838
8577Ron Reiter171x40444443
9999Aiden White1663745x5034
1035Mike Marsh155x35423741
11563Jeremy Reiter150x34413936
1288Kenner Brown III134x425042x
1371Ethan Hogan1153937xx39
14406Randall Hendrick1093636xx37
158Brooke Halfacre103402340xx
16213Robert Hagin9247xxx45
1744Joe LoCascio8142x39xx
181Austin Craig73xx3835x
192Austin Speck73x39x34x
2096Daniel Hutcherson67x3334xx
210Hunter Halfacre583424xxx
22451Edwardo Duran41x41xxx
23803Ryan Molina3535xxxx
2425Scott Richards33xx33xx
2527Doug Schmidt32xx32xx
2629Drew Watts3232xxxx
27117James Inscoe30x30xxx
28117XOliver Inscoe28x28xxx
2922Jacob Marquinez27x27xxx
3013John Michalman26x26xxx
3172XCaylyn Brown25x25xxx
206 Heavy
Season: 2022
127TJ Scott2374545505047
222Bryce Downs2254144454550
39Austin Moore18650x444745
472Caylyn Brown139425047xx
52Josh Olson12740x43x44
689Trey Cameron853847xxx
7117James Inscoe4747xxxx
8610Ruben Cherres4444xxxx
9115Tom McCann43x43xxx
1035Mike Marsh4343xxxx
117Chris Williams3939xxxx
206 Junior
Season: 2022
17Ronnie Klys2334550474744
2111Christopher Aitken2325047424350
3312Cayden Wertz2214445434445
423Ian Noyes2194244454543
511Colin Aitken18047x444247
688Darryl Moglia100xx5050x
71Landon Helms803743xxx
8232Trevin Taylor7938x41xx
989Thomas Nichols4343xxxx
1026Luke Tracey4141xxxx
1124Drake Hagin4040xxxx
12301Viktor Jansson3939xxxx
Season: 2022
1819Christopher Aitken2344750474347
241William Wofford2184245434444
3891Colin Aitken18045x454545
4279Coleman Hall97xxx4750
57Ronnie Klys975047xxx
639Paul Sampson8844x44xx
7236William Stiffler874344xxx
8897Ian Noyes50xxx50x
9897Cayden Wartz50xx50xx
206 Masters
Season: 2022
127TJ Scott2384447505047
22Terry Downs190x50474350
3115Tom McCann1774545x4740
42Derek Mays1754244x4544
511Russell Hogin1704142x4443
6143Daren Mays1633941x4142
7527Ron Reiter133x4345x45
8199Greg Schmidt123x40x4241
9117James Inscoe8447xxx37
10213Robert Hagin8143xxx38
119James Helms763739xxx
12610Ruben Cherres5050xxxx
132XJosh Olson44xx44xx
1419Ryan Haines43xx43xx
15129Dean Teter4040xxxx
1687Anthony Scavuzzo39xxxx39
1721Chris Williams3838xxxx
189Austin Moore36xxxx36
198Sean Halfacre3636xxxx
206 Medium
Season: 2022
122JR Downs2304439504750
29Ron Klys2304750474442
335Mike Marsh2214344454544
4999Aiden White1925047x5045
527Watt Icely134454544xx
617Blake McCord84x41xx43
7490Brian Reilly47xxxx47
8563Jeremy Reiter43x43xxx
92Austin Speck42x42xxx
1014Owen Watts4242xxxx
11803Ryan Molina4141xxxx
12819Ken Savage40x40xxx
13519Nathan Greene4040xxxx
1437Kenner Brown III38x38xxx