2021 Championship kart Series

The Bushnell Motorsports Park Championship Kart Series is your home to the largest 206 Classes in the state of Florida.


New Class Structure 


In 2021 we’ve added some classes for our ever growing series! Our 206 Light Class will be new for 2021. Trying to get some weight off of some karts who have too much, the light class will weigh in at 340lbs. The medium class will go up to 365lbs.

Our Legends Class will be the true legends of our time, anyone 50 and older! With a weight of 375lbs, we split the Medium and Heavy weight to help create this new class.

End of Year Payouts:Money will be given out at the awards banquet in January 2022. Must complete 6 out of the 8 races to be awarded prize funds.

Classes that average less than 3 entries:
1st place: 100% of Championship Payout

Classes that average 4+ entries:
1st place: 50% of Championship Payout
2nd place: 30% of Championship Payout
3rd place: 20% of Championship Payout

Spec Fuel 

We will be selling spec 90 gas at the track this year for $5 a gallon. All fuel will be purchased from BMP. You can pay for it when you pre-register or you can purchase it at the track. You can pick up your gas right next to the BMP Track Shack.



2 Cycle classes will follow AKRA Engine and Tire Rules
4 Cycle classes will follow CKNA Engine Rules
Must race 6 of 8 races to be eligible for year end awards.
2 tires outside the starting lines = 3 sec penalty assed after the race
4 tires outsidethe starting lines = 10 sec penalty assed after the race
Pre-Tech Form – required to be filled out and turned in prior to going out for first practice.


Entry Fees

Pre registration Entry – $55 (pre register via our online store up to the Wednesday before the event)
At Track Registration – $65
2nd Class Entry – $35
Pit Pass – $15 (Cash Only)
Transponder Rental – $10 (Limited Quantities*) Low Prices provided
by TS Racing
Parking – FREE! Reserved spots available but not required.
*If you own your own transponder, please use yours. We only have limited quantities to provide the race.

Championship Kart Series

Race Day Schedule 

Day Races –
Gates Open 7:30 am
Drivers Meeting 9:00 am
1st Round of Group Practice (10 minute session) 10:00 am
2nd Round Practice/Qualifying (8 minute session) 11:15 am
Heat Race (Laps depend on layout)
Feature Race (Laps depend on layout)
*all times and lap counts are approximate and are subject to change 
Night Races – May 22nd, August 28th, and September 25th
Gates Open 2:30 pm
Drivers Meeting 4:00 pm
1st Round of Group Practice (10 minute session) 5:00 Pm
2nd Round Practice/Qualifying (8 minute session) 6:15 pm
Heat Race (Laps depend on layout)
Feature Race (Laps depend on layout)
*all times and lap counts are approximate and are subject to change 
Race day Class Schedule

All of our kart series races will follow these class schedules to help better plan what classes you’d like to run.

~Kid Kart

~206 Legends

~206 Sportsman

~206 Light

~206 Heavy

~206 Junior


~206 Medium

Don’t Own your own Kart?

Are you looking to go a little faster? Are you looking to get into a more competitive environment? Look no further! BMP has karts to rent for our Championship Kart Series races. You get a full race day, 1 practice, 1 qualifying, heat race, and final for $300+tax. All you do is bring your talent and we provide the rest! Spots are limited so book yours today!

IMB_2Yk0SZ 2

Reserved Parking

We’ve opened up some additional reserved parking spots this year. Parking is still free, but the reserved spots will be $10 per space, per race. (Please note: There will be no parking in front of the BMP Track Shack due to high traffic area.)

cks layouts
CKS BMP Parking


Class206 Legends1/23/212/27/213/27/214/24/215/22/218/28/219/25/2110/23/21
PositionDriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Scott Bruce50440500474344278
2Jack Miller47424504204747270
3Donnie McGovern04347444544045268
4Mark Abitablio0004543404043211
5Pete Laches4441000413841205
6Titus Scott0004039433639197
7Sean Halfacre000474750500194
8Bill Cobb045500042450182
9Greg Kimble004443410390167
10John Porter04043038000121
11James Inscoe0000500050100
12Phil Pignataro455000000095
13Pete Fritsche000040044084
14Kevin Funke000044390083
15Terry Taylor433900000082
16Kenner Brown000000374077
17Neil Breitenbach04700000047
18Trevor Easton00042000042
19Scott Dietterick00000004242
20Jeffery Revis41000000041
21Rick Votava00000003838
22Ruben Cherres00000035035

Class206 Sportsman1/23/212/27/213/27/214/24/215/22/218/28/219/25/2110/2/21
PositionDriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Ian Noyes47475050505000294
2Drake Hagin04447047475047282
3Caden Warts045450450470182
4Isaiah Figueroa04344470000134
5Cameron Marsh5050000000100
9Carson Neel00000005050
6Jaydyn Fowler45000000045
7Elijah Figueroa00430000043
8Josiah Quantman00420000042

Class206 Light1/23/212/27/213/27/214/24/215/22/218/28/219/25/2110/23/21
PositionDriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Aiden White47434745500500282
2Robert Hagin04545042454750274
3Watt Icely42410470474344264
4Ryan Croker45404444434000256
5Larry Sampon04242424442041253
6Trent Bos00384341414143247
7Fletcher Quarles00374140394039236
8Rachael Reilly41040383738038232
9TJ Preble4434430450340200
10Hunter Halfacre000504750330180
11Josiah Figueroa433839400000160
12John Michalman383741370000153
13Dylan Amundsen400500000090
14Junior Downs000000424789
15CJ Fay000004439083
16Derek Mays393600000075
17Randall Hendrick000000354075
18Daren Mays373200000069
19Jarvis Gennari50000000050
20Jeremy Fletcher05000000050
21Colin Warren04700000047
22Ruben Caceres00000045045
23Jeremy Reiter00000004545
24Ryan Thomas04400000044
25Logan Lapace00000044044
26Kory Rodriguez00000004242
27Nicholas Villanueva03900000039
28Jason Dreshcer00039000039
29Matthew McCabe00003900039
30Montgomery Cherry00003800038
31Joe LoCascio00000003737
32Ron Reiter00000003636
33Austin Craig00000036036
34Brooke Halfacre00000032032

Class206 Heavy1/23/212/27/213/27/214/24/215/22/218/28/219/25/2110/23/21
PositionDriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1TJ Scott04750040504741275
2Mike Marsh04544454345440266
3Trey Cameron50444304104244264
4Josh Olson44434543450400260
5Austin Moore41374147423800246
6Ruben Cherres4542050440050231
7Dan Pingston000050474547189
8Ryan Haines394047420000168
9Jeremy Reiter039044041380162
10Caylyn Brown00000445045139
11James Inscoe00420470043132
12Jeffery Revis00037003737111
13Danny Robertson000004343086
14Jandin Cheatwood473800000085
15Sean Halfacre000410420083
16Grant Saari000393900078
17Kevin Medearis370000004077
18Andrew Maldonado400000003676
19Brian Smith000038036074
20Terry Downs000000393473
21Ron Reiter314100000072
22Phil Pignataro05000000050
23Matthew Del Sol42000000042
24Rob Maier00000041041
25Robert Hagin00400000040
26JR Downs00000400040
27Roy Avery00000390039
28Barry Hastings38000000038
29Craig Gingerich00038000038
30Chris Williams00000003838
31Sean Meier36000000036
32Chris Bany03600000036
33Brennan Moore00036000036
34Curtis Gingerich35000000035
35Stuart Worbey03500000035
36Joaquin Nogueira00000350035
37james Rhodes00000035035
38Tyler Lloyd34000000034
39Kody Preble03400000034
40Pete Fritshe00000340034
41Aren Lloyd33000000033
42Jacob Duvall32000000032
43Greg Kimble000000000

Class206 Junior1/23/212/27/213/27/214/24/215/22/218/28/219/25/2110/23/21
PositionDriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Ronnie Klys05050505047450292
2Trever Taylor4245470004441219
3Cayden Wentz00000504745142
4Darryl Moglia5000000050100
5Ian Noyes000000504292
6Elijah Figueroa044047000091
7Olivia Hammoc410004700088
8Luke Tracey000004504085
9Owen Lloyd47000000047
10Gregor Pelea04700000047
11Christopher Aitken00000004747
12Collin Lloyd45000000045
13Mason Donahue44000000044
14Colin Aitken00000004343

Class206 Medium1/23/212/27/213/27/214/24/215/22/218/28/219/25/2110/23/21
PositionDriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Brian Reilly04404450504550283
2Owen Watts04750045454747281
3Blake McCord43042504304441263
4Aiden White00454347404144260
5Tim Bambu44394704041430254
7Holden Bruce42424445044036253
8Robert Hagin04335036424245243
6Ron Klys03743394236039236
9Joe LoCascio34414103737350225
10Ruben Cherres4740042440031204
11Ryan Croker0383941393000187
12Derek Mayes0038400353737187
13Daren Mayes0036380343633177
14Hunter Halfacre00047047400134
15Beckett Andrew365000000086
16Ryan Thomas000004303881
17Caylyn Brown000003804381
18Jandin Cheatwood413500000076
19Grant Saari390370000076
20Matt McCabe300004100071
21Jeremy Reiter310000004071
22Keven Funke330037000070
23Bryan Noyes000003303265
24Dylan Amundsen50000000050
25Kenner Brown00000050050
26Corey Towles45000000045
27Colin Warren04500000045
28Ron Reiter00000004242
29Roy Avery00000039039
30Antonio Cardinal00003800038
31Chris Williams00000003434
32Rebecca Catarelli32000000032
33Mike Marsh00000320032
34Danny Robertson00000310031
DQ – 5/22/2021 – H. Halfacre

ClassKid Kart1/23/212/27/213/27/214/24/215/22/218/28/219/25/2110/23/21
PositionDriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Keegan Chance050000504750197
2Harper Gage045000444547181
3Ian Hamacher00005045440139
4Brian Bany04400005045139
5Jase Macklin00000434244129
6Hunter Quatman042500000092
7Justus Jennings000004743090
8Cohen Shoecraft04700000047
9Rennen Adamczik04300000043
10Grayson Powers00000004343
11Camden Powers00000004242
12Liam McTague00000041041
DQ – 10/23/2021 – I. Hamacher

Class2 Cycle1/23/212/27/213/27/214/24/215/22/218/28/219/25/2110/23/21
PositionDriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Paul Sampson04750504547470286
2Coleman Hall00004750050147
3Jake Marquinez04547044000136
4William Wofford00004345043131
5Thomas Gage05000000050
6David Morris00005000050
7Brian Noyes00047000047
8Chrisopher Aitken00000004747
9Devin Marquinez00450000045
10Colin Aitken00000004545
11John Scgerschel04400000044
12Ronnie Klys00000004141