2021 Championship kart Series

The Bushnell Motorsports Park Championship Kart Series is your home to the largest 206 Classes in the state of Florida.

2021 CKS

New Class Structure 


In 2021 we’ve added some classes for our ever growing series! Our 206 Light Class will be new for 2021. Trying to get some weight off of some karts who have too much, the light class will weigh in at 340lbs. The medium class will go up to 365lbs.

Our Legends Class will be the true legends of our time, anyone 50 and older! With a weight of 375lbs, we split the Medium and Heavy weight to help create this new class.

End of Year Payouts:Money will be given out at the awards banquet in January 2022. Must complete 6 out of the 8 races to be awarded prize funds.

Classes that average less than 3 entries:
1st place: 100% of Championship Payout

Classes that average 4+ entries:
1st place: 50% of Championship Payout
2nd place: 30% of Championship Payout
3rd place: 20% of Championship Payout

Spec Fuel 

We will be selling spec 90 gas at the track this year for $5 a gallon. All fuel will be purchased from BMP. You can pay for it when you pre-register or you can purchase it at the track. You can pick up your gas right next to the BMP Track Shack.



2 Cycle classes will follow AKRA Engine and Tire Rules
4 Cycle classes will follow CKNA Engine Rules
Must race 6 of 8 races to be eligible for year end awards.
2 tires outside the starting lines = 3 sec penalty assed after the race
4 tires outsidethe starting lines = 10 sec penalty assed after the race
Pre-Tech Form – required to be filled out and turned in prior to going out for first practice.


Class Info Sheet – Class weights, tire rules, fuel rules…etc

Entry Fees

Pre registration Entry – $55 (pre register via our online store up to the Wednesday before the event)
At Track Registration – $65
2nd Class Entry – $35
Pit Pass – $15 (Cash Only)
Transponder Rental – $10 (Limited Quantities*) Low Prices provided
by TS Racing
Parking – FREE! Reserved spots available but not required.
*If you own your own transponder, please use yours. We only have limited quantities to provide the race.

Championship Kart Series

Race Day Schedule 

Day Races –
Gates Open 7:30 am
Drivers Meeting 9:00 am
1st Round of Group Practice (10 minute session) 10:00 am
2nd Round Practice/Qualifying (8 minute session) 11:15 am
Heat Race (Laps depend on layout)
Feature Race (Laps depend on layout)
*all times and lap counts are approximate and are subject to change 
Night Races – May 22nd, August 28th, and September 25th
Gates Open 2:30 pm
Drivers Meeting 4:00 pm
1st Round of Group Practice (10 minute session) 5:00 Pm
2nd Round Practice/Qualifying (8 minute session) 6:15 pm
Heat Race (Laps depend on layout)
Feature Race (Laps depend on layout)
*all times and lap counts are approximate and are subject to change 
Race day Class Schedule

All of our kart series races will follow these class schedules to help better plan what classes you’d like to run.

~Kid Kart

~206 Legends

~206 Sportsman

~206 Light

~206 Heavy

~206 Junior


~206 Medium

Don’t Own your own Kart?

Are you looking to go a little faster? Are you looking to get into a more competitive environment? Look no further! BMP has karts to rent for our Championship Kart Series races. You get a full race day, 1 practice, 1 qualifying, heat race, and final for $300+tax. All you do is bring your talent and we provide the rest! Spots are limited so book yours today!

IMB_2Yk0SZ 2

Reserved Parking

We’ve opened up some additional reserved parking spots this year. Parking is still free, but the reserved spots will be $10 per space, per race. (Please note: There will be no parking in front of the BMP Track Shack due to high traffic area.)

CKS Parking
cks layouts


Kid Kart2/22/205/23/205/24/207/25/208/22/209/26/2010/24/2011/21/20
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8TotalChampionship Winnings
1Sophia Fiala000203201000404$17.50
2Harper Gage0000002020202$10.50
3Isaiah Figeuroa2010000000201$7.00
4James Maldonado0001780000178
5Lincoln Willey0000001770177
6Hunter Quatman0001580000158
Prize Fund$5$-$-$15$5$-$10$-$35
206 Sportsman2/22/205/23/205/24/207/25/208/22/209/26/2010/24/2011/21/20
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Drake Hagin017918018001781782021097$65.00
2Ian Noyes000145201158158177839$39.00
3Elijah Figeuroa2032042052050000817$26.00
4Ronnie Klys0013516002032030701
5Trever Taylor17815916000000497
6Isaiah Figueroa01441451350000424
Prize Fund$15$20$25$25$5$15$15$10$130
206 Junior2/22/205/23/205/24/207/25/208/22/209/26/2010/24/2011/21/20
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Olivia Hammoc01361771601580136202969$67.50
2Trever Taylor000145178177126177803$40.50
3Aiden White0161020520301460715$27.00
4Josiah Figueroa2011462021350000684
5Darryl Moglia01810002021810564
6Owen Lloyd020600002060412
7Mason Donahue012600001610287
8Noah Harmon0001800000180
Prize Fund$5$30$10$25$15$10$30$10$135
206 Medium2/22/205/23/205/24/207/25/208/22/209/26/2010/24/2011/21/20
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Dylan Amundson021821619321021619501248$305.00
2Robert Hagin143158017301911751871027$183.00
3Blake McCord188173171016515601521005$122.00
4Holden Bruce2137815615800160212977
5Ruben Cherres0193191781851461500943
6Larry Sampson12314814601401711100838
7Tim Bambu01189673012690167670
8Chris Rigsby0108126581101066592665
9Joe LoCascio103987600136130122665
10Ryan Crocker0639198150960112610
11Grant Saari9393811281200950610
12Kevin Funke0730138100768087554
13Bill Cobb083106930116750473
14Corey Towles000218002200438
15Mike Harsh13312813600000397
16Ryan Thomas15300000100132385
17Taylor Ray013811600000254
18Ron Klys00088081700239
19Flether Quarles000007160102233
20Dennis Boyd78680830000229
21Randall Brown8858000000146
22Jason Drescher0000000142142
23Austin Craig0000130000130
24Thomas Gage0000001200120
25Hannah Hadley0001180000118
26Eric Lee0000061550116
27Scott Bruce1130000000113
28Marlon Cabeza0001080000108
29Alfredo Fuentes08800000088
30Matt McCabe00860000086
31Derek Mays00000860086
32Brian Reilly00000085085
33Dylan Devine83000000083
34Antonio Cardinal00068000068
35Daren Mays00000660066
Prize Fund$65$90$75$90$50$80$100$60$610
206 Heavy2/22/205/23/205/24/207/25/208/22/209/26/2010/24/2011/21/20
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Josh Olson163187188148021501641065$272.50
2Ryan Haines208015317301551422091040$163.50
3Trey Cameron016716815816717001841014$109.00
4TJ Scott1832120138019092149964
5Ruben Cherres0021321821275970815
6Scott Bruce14813213301521050119789
7Pete Laches12810211301121150109679
8Donnie McGovern108122123880950129665
9Roy Avery092103981227000485
10Mike Marsh0001081321351020477
11John Porter11887935808500441
12James Inscoe0152839300570385
13Austin Moore000018700139326
14Caylan Brown00019300820275
15Randall Brown138112000000250
16Aren Lloyd0000002220222
17Andrew Maldonado00073012500198
18Jacob Duvall0000001970197
19Tyler Lloyd0000001770177
20Dan Pingston0000001620162
21Mike Greiner0000001520152
22Rudy Dearing0000014500145
23Ben Lilian0014300000143
24Dylan Admundsen0000001320132
25Jeff Revis0000080490129
26Kevin Medearis0001280000128
27Elmer Edmonson0000001220122
28Marlon Cabeza0001180000118
29Kevin Funke00000009999
30Curtis Gingerich00008700087
31Robert Hagin00000087087
32Greg Kimble00000850085
33Tim Swiggett08200000082
34Ron Reiter00078000078
35Chris Daugherty00068000068
36Grant Saari00000052052
37Kenner Brown III00000046046
38Matt McCabe00130000013
Prize Fund$40$60$65$90$60$75$110$45$545
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1William Stiffler020100000201402$15.00
2Paul Wright0002010000201
Prize Fund$-$5$-$5$-$-$-$5$15
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Paul Sampson201202201002022022021210$50.00
2Jacob Marquinez000001770177354
3Shawn Ferrell0177000000177
Devin Marquinez0000001770177
Prize Fund$5$10$5$-$-$10$10$10$50
TaG Junior2/22/205/23/205/24/207/25/208/22/209/26/2010/24/2011/21/20
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Dean Dybdahl2010000000201$5.00
Prize Fund$5$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$5
TaG Cadet2/22/205/23/205/24/207/25/208/22/209/26/2010/24/201/21/20
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Oliver Wright0002010000201$5.00
Prize Fund$-$-$-$5$-$-$-$-$5
Pos.DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Total
1Sophia iala0000201000201$5.00
Prize Fund$-$-$-$-$5$-$-$-$5