2019 Championship kart Series

*New for 2019: MONEY RACES*

Every race pays out!
    • $15 of your entry fee goes to Race Day Payout.
    • $5 of your entry fee goes to Championship Payout.

Race Day Payouts:Money will be given out at the awards ceremony each day.

Less than 3 entries:
1st place: 100% of Race Day Payout

4 to 12 entries:
1st place: 50% of Race Day Payout
2nd place: 30% of Race Day Payout
3rd place: 20% of Race Day Payout

13 + entries:
1st place: 40% of Race Day Payout
2nd place: 28% of Race Day Payout
3rd place: 15% of Race Day Payout
4th place: 10% of Race Day Payout
5th place: 7% of Race Day Payout

End of Year Payouts:Money will be given out at the awards banquet.

Classes that average less than 3 entries:
1st place: 100% of Championship Payout

Classes that average 4+ entries:
1st place: 50% of Championship Payout
2nd place: 30% of Championship Payout
3rd place: 20% of Championship Payout

Kart Requirements

Entry Fees

Pre registration entry – $55 (pre register via our online store up to the Wednesday before the event)
At Track Registration – $65
Pit Pass – $10
Transponder Rental – FREE (Limited Quantities*) Sponsored by TS Racing
Parking – FREE
*If you own your own transponder, please use yours. We only have limited quantities to provide the race.
Click here to register for our August 24th race!

Race Day Schedule 

Gates Open 2:00 pm
1st Round of Group Practice (10 minute session) 4:00 pm
2nd Round Practice/Qualifying (10 minute session) 5:00 pm
Drivers Meeting
6-Lap Heat Race
10-Lap Feature Race (Local Series Race)
10-Lap 206 Money Race
*all times are approximate and are subject to change 


2 Cycle classes will follow AKRA Engine and Tire Rules
4 Cycle classes will follow CKNA Engine and Tire Rules

Forms and info:

Pre-Tech Form – required to be filled out and turned in prior to going out for first practice.


Class Info Sheet – Class weights, tire rules, fuel rules…etc

Don’t Own your own Kart?

Are you looking to go a little faster? Are you looking to get into a more competitive environment? Look no further! BMP has karts to rent for our Championship Kart Series races. You get a full race day, 1 practice, 1 qualifying, a 6 lap heat race, and 1 – 10 lap final for $275+tax. All you do is bring your talent and we provide the rest! Spots are limited so book yours today!

IMB_2Yk0SZ 2
BMP Whole Track

August 24th Track Layout

2019 Point standings

206 Junior
1Josiah Figueroa177202201202782
2Elmer Edmonson202000202
3Blake Barnett017700177
4Aiden White000177177
Purse Money$10$10$5$10$35
206 SR Heavy
1Josh Olson147206180180713
2TJ Scott162161205135663
3Ryan Haines182181160125648
4Donnie McGovern137146145145573
5Roy Avery01261350261
6Rob Edwards11713600253
7Dylan Amundsen207000207
8Matt McCabe000205205
9Justin Orr127000127
Purse Money$35$30$25$25$90
206 Senior Medium
1Larry Sampson167186185188726
2Holden Bruce187166150168671
3Blake McCord142141140153576
4Robert Hagin1529121093546
5Grant Saari112151120103486
6Joe Locascio1220165123410
7Hannah Hadley10210111073386
8Kevin Funke821210143346
9Scott Bruce871111300328
10Brett Tower0818083244
11Tim Swiggett9213100223
12Matt McCabe000213213
13Dylan Amindson212000212
14Jason Drescher021100211
15Chris Daughterty0090113203
16Titus Scott0010063163
17Cameron McGee000133133
18Nathan Jones132000132
Purse Money$60$55$55$65$235
206 Sportsman
1Elijah Figueroa159178158178673
2Drake Hagin144158178148628
3Olivia Hammock0203203203609
4Owen Lloyd204000204
5Darryl Moglia179000179
Purse Money$20$15$15$15$65
Senior Shifter
1Norbert Suba204000204
2Gyula Toth179000179
3William Stiffler159000159
4Mirsad Hadzic144000144
Purse Money$20$-$-$-$20
TaG Cadet
1Dean Dybdahl20202010403
2Ben Toth177000177
Purse Money$10$-$5$-$15
Kid Kart
1Isaiah Figeuroa201201201201603
Purse Money$5$5$5$5$15
Pro Gas
1Owen Lloyd202000202
2Darryl Moglia177000177
Purse Money$10$-$-$-$10
TaG Senior
1Jason McCoy002010201
Purse Money$-$-$5$-$5
TaG Junior
1Dean Dybdahl00201201201
Purse Money$-$-$5$5$5
Yamaha Senior
1Pual Sampson00201176201
2James Coliins000201201
Purse Money$-$-$5$10$15